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Shop for the right products for cleaning and clothing treatment


At NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP you will find a wide selection of delicious products that you can use in your cleaning and in connection with laundry and clothing treatment in general.

Our core area within cleaning articles is electronic cleaning machines, such as robotic vacuum cleaners, regular classic vacuum cleaners, irons, and large steam stations. We also sell descaling products and care products for washing machines, dishwashers and stoves, etc.


If you need connecting parts and fittings for setting up a washing machine and tumble dryer, we also have this, we carry a range of drain hoses, inlet hoses, plinths, collecting frames, filters, exhaust hoses and much more.


Take a look around the category and find what you're looking for to make your cleaning and clothes treatment easy and quick. - Buy online today.


Remember that you always have a 2-year warranty on cleaning machines bought at NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP!


Cleaning doesn't have to be boring!

Because with the right equipment, cleaning even becomes a breeze and easy to overcome. - First, however, we would like to deal a blow to your indoor climate during cleaning, more specifically we would like to warn against your vacuum cleaner's exhaust air.


Are you the type who never changes the vacuum cleaner bag or filter in your vacuum cleaner? Maybe because you think it is too expensive or that the bag must be completely filled before it is changed? – the dust in the bag in your vacuum cleaner is affected by several things, including cold/heat and moisture in the air, and over time the dust begins to form fungal spores and other microparticles that are blown into the room towards you when you use the vacuum cleaner, especially if your filter is rarely changed and cannot contain any more waste substances.

It is obviously not particularly healthy or provides a healthy indoor climate - on the contrary.


But help is available! - with us you can buy cheap vacuum cleaner bags and filters in the same high quality as the originals, so now there is no excuse to do yourself the great favor of changing the vacuum cleaner bag and filter regularly.


In addition to vacuum cleaner bags and filters for your cleaning, you can also find Denmark's largest selection of vacuum cleaner fragrances and a large selection of spare parts and accessories for your vacuum cleaner.

Products for general cleaning tasks

With us, we have many different electronic cleaning machines and perhaps you are looking for aids that facilitate daily cleaning at a time of work, leisure interests, family and friends, laundry, cleaning, cooking and you also have to remember to sleep once in a while.


Our core area in the cleaning category is vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner accessories, here we can always help you if you are missing a product and if you are missing a product on the website, please write to us at and please include the nameplate of your vacuum cleaner. We can almost always find what you need at a good price.

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