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Terms and conditions

Terms of sale and delivery are updated on 09-11-2022. (November 11th, 2022) 


Company Information:
Hestehøjvej 120
DK-5260 Odense S


CVR/VAT: DK39189607


We reply to emails/chats weekdays between 09.00 and 21.00 (waiting time may occur)


Age requirements:
You must be at least 18 years old to make a purchase. If you are under the age of 18, you must have the consent of a parent or guardian.
When you subscribe/pay via credit agreement, you must enter your date of birth to ensure that you are over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, the agreement must be concluded by a parent or guardian.
An agreement can always be easily cancelled by a parent or guardian if it turns out that it has been entered into by a child or person under the age of 18.


At NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP you can pay with a wide range of credit cards. In addition, you can pay with MobilePay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.  No card fee is charged.
The amount will only be withdrawn from your card when the item is shipped and a larger amount than what you have approved at the time of purchase can never be deducted.
Your card details are encrypted in the process. This means that unauthorized persons cannot read your card number or other information during the transaction.

Payment transactions are processed by NETS.


We do not sub-invoice orders. If an order is shipped in multiple shipments, the entire amount will be withdrawn on first shipment.



Freight to parcel box:
Please note that this does not apply to furniture and other products whose weight or size exceeds physical limits for delivery to a parcel box, which are currently:
•    Maximum weight of 20 kg. (44lb)
•    Minimum 10 x 15 x 1 cm.
•    Max. 200 cm on the longest side and max. 300 cm in length + circumference.

If delivery to a parcel box does not show up in the shipping options at check-out, this shipping method is not an option in relation to the goods you have placed in the basket.
You will always be informed of the exact shipping amount before you pay for the order.


All shipping beyond Denmark's borders is handled by PostNord/DPD.


Right of withdrawal:
There is 45 days right of return on the goods, counting from the day they are received. If you have had your order delivered in parts, the 45 days right of withdrawal is counted from the day you receive the last item on your order.
If you wish to cancel your purchase, you must notify NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP in writing within 45 days, and then you have 10 days to send the item back.
Please note that we only process returns booked in our return portal:


Please note that you must fill in and enclose the standard withdrawal form attached to your order confirmation for the return shipment.


Once we have received the item back and approved it, we will refund the purchase price to your account within a few days. If your return policy has been exceeded and we still agree to take the item back, we will grant you a voucher.


When the item comes back, we expect it to be as new, i.e.  in substantially the same condition as when we shipped it. If it is not, you are liable for the impairment - we assess what reduced price the item likely be resold for, and it is this amount you will be refunded. In general, it is OK that you examine the item in the same way as you would in a physical store.


If the order is refused upon receipt or returns to us as an uncollected package or a defective address has been provided, if the recipient’s name is not written on the mailbox or the door or if the order has not been picked up, the return amount will be deducted from the shipping. - Uncollected packages are stored for 3 months.


Certain goods are not covered by the right of withdrawal. For example:
•    Custom-made goods.
•    Health and hygiene products where the seal is broken.


Refund of the purchase amount:
If you regret your purchase, you will get your money back. If the item is impaired, we will deduct the amount you are liable for.
We will refund the money with the same means of payment that you used for the purchase, unless we have agreed otherwise.
We can withhold payment until we have received the item.


NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP provides a 2-year warranty in accordance with the Danish Sale of Goods Act, including manufacturing and material defects that are found in the normal use of the product. The warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, defects, or damage that has directly or indirectly occurred as a result of incorrect operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention. Complaints about defects and defects that should be discovered by the usual examination of the product must be notified to NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP within 2 months.


The item can subsequently be returned for repair, replacement or by appointment any credit. In connection with complaints, NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP will bear any return costs. Errors that have occurred because you have provided incorrect information are not covered by NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP. NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP is not obliged to disclose suspected errors, but we do so to the extent possible. When purchasing custom-made or customized goods, the right of withdrawal lapses. Unless the item is missing or defective.


Freight damage:
When the package arrives, we would like to encourage you to check if the packaging is damaged BEFORE you acknowledge receipt. If it is, you must indicate on your receipt what is wrong, e.g. "hole in the packaging" or similar. If you omit, the carrier may disclaim any liability for the transport damage. NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP must be notified of this immediately within 2 business days.


In addition, it is important that you make sure to store the packaging until you are sure that the item is not damaged. Feel free to take a photo of the packaging if it looks damaged before unpacking the item.


If the order is refused upon receipt or returns to us as an uncollected package or a defective address has been provided, if the recipient’s name is not written on the mailbox or the door or if the order has not been picked up, the return amount will be deducted from the shipping.


Original packaging:
The item is to be returned in unbroken original packaging. The packaging is unique to the product and is equipped with pictures / texts / instructions for use that clarify the function of the item, as well as protect sensitive goods such as electronic devices. Packaging that is applied to duct tape, brown tape or other non-transparent tape generally has a very large depreciation.


Complaints and goods return:
You can only return your items after delivery. This means that once you press the "Approve and Pay" button, you cannot cancel your purchase.
In case of errors, defects or any missing deliveries, please contact NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP by e-mail:


Goods return address:
ATT: Return
Hestehøjvej 120
DK-5260 Odense S


If in doubt, please contact us at


Please note! we do not receive packages sent cash on delivery or packages without delivery. You are responsible for the cost of returns.


Personal data policy:
We need the following information when you shop with us:

•    Name
•    Address
•    Address.


We register and pass on the personal data necessary to deliver the goods to you, e.g.  your name and address to PostNord/GLS.
The personal data is registered with NORDIC HARDWARE SHOP and stored for five years, after which the information is deleted.


In addition, we cooperate with several other companies that store and process data. The companies only process information on our behalf and may not use it for their own purposes.


We only work with data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection.
The data controller on NORDIC HARDWARE SHOPs pages is Mr. Jesper Holm (


You have the right to know what information we process about you.


If you believe that the information is inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected. In some cases, we are obliged to delete your personal data if you request it. For example, if your data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we were to use it. You can also contact us if you believe that your personal data is being processed in violation of the law. You can write to us at:


Right of appeal:
If you as a consumer want to complain about your purchase, you must contact


If you reside in an EU country other than Denmark, you can complain to the EU Commission's complaints portal here -